NFTs Coming To Instagram

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Instagram is set to begin testing NFT’s with a small group of U.S. Instagram users who are NFT collectors and creators. 

This group will get first dibs on the ability to display NFTs in their stories, in their feeds and also in messages. 

As Goes IG, So Goes Meta

This same functionality will soon be rolled out on Instagram’s parent company, Meta, formerly known as Facebook. If you are familiar with tagged profiles and products, the details of NFTs will be displayed in a similar way on Instagram. When you click on the tag, you will then be able to see the NFT details such as the name of the owner and creator.

It’s Free!

Instagram also announced that there will not be any fees to go along with either posting or sharing a digital collectible on the platform.

Wider Adoption

The company hopes that by ramping NFTs up on the popular platform that this will help to introduce NFT tech to a much broader range of people.


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Ellen Britt
Author: Ellen Britt


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Ellen Britt

Ellen Britt

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