Businesses Are Using NFTs To Build Community

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

NFTs are rapidly moving from pixelated JPEGs to a technology that has much more utility. For many businesses, this means community building on steroids!

Brand Loyalty

Not only are more and more businesses seeing NFTs as community builders, but they are also using them to increase brand loyalty.

Crypto Owners Prefer This

Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the use of cryptocurrency and nearly one-third of crypto owners prefer merchants who are able to take payments in cryptocurrency.

Tall, Venti or Grande?

We’ve already brought you news about how Starbucks is planning to use NFTs to build community by unlocking access to perks and experiences.

U.S. Sports Teams Will Have To Play Catch Up

And while U.S. based sports teams are using NFTs to promote memorabilia, European soccer teams are pairing them with experiences, such as access to a pitchside tour with team legends, plus a ticket to an open training session. 

So if you own a business and are looking for ways to promote community among your customers and clients, NFTs may just be the way to go!

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Ellen Britt
Author: Ellen Britt


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Ellen Britt

Ellen Britt

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