The Metaverse And The Future Of Work

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

In a previous article, we looked at how “going to work” in the metaverse might look. But more important than the technical aspects of how we do this, how will the experience feel?

Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook, recently gave an hour long presentation on his vision of the metaverse. If you have not already noticed, Zukerberg is embracing the metaverse future in a big way, even going so far as to change Facebook’s corporate name to Meta.

The Defining Quality

One of the most interesting points in his presentation was his emphasis on how it will ideally “feel” to be in the metaverse. According to Zukerberg, it is the feeling of “presence” that will be the defining quality of this space.

A New Level Of Real

Presence means that you will actually feel as if you are in the digital world, and not just peering into it through your computer monitor. You will feel present with others, in real time. This will take social media relationships to a whole new level. 

Enhancement Of Remote Work

Presence will also greatly enhance remote work, especially as you are meeting with others to plan and execute projects. This quality will also carry over to other applications, such as shopping, gaming, fitness classes and entertainment events, such as concerts.

Lightning Speed

Technological advances in this area are moving at lightning speed, and even though we are not there yet, we are rapidly approaching a day when “being” in the metaverse will feel like exactly that!

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Ellen Britt
Author: Ellen Britt


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Ellen Britt

Ellen Britt

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